Conorm - Groupe JogamAerospace partner


Conorm, partner for more than twenty years, in precision mechanics and assembly of subassemblies for Aeronautics and Defense

Expert for over twenty years in precision mechanical subcontracting for the Aeronautics and Defense sectors, we are specialized in the machining of complex mechanical parts, fine sheet metal and the assembly of subassemblies.

Conorm brings you, at each stage of your project, a high added value associated with a perfect mastery of the Quality Management System.

Our reactive, highly qualified team combined with a latest generation tool ensures our customers high quality work, a competitive offer and respected deadlines.

Conorm, a quick and efficient response, perfectly suited to your requirements.

Your Conorm contact : Anthony CHEVALLIER 

ZI - Rue de l'Europe - CS 80001 - 28132 Pierres Cedex 
Phone :00 33 (0)2 37 23 05 98

Conorm, a JOGAM Group COmpany, federation of SME experts in subcontracting cooperation.